Special Events

Attendees will have plenty of opportunities to participate in more than just educational sessions and our Exhibit Hall!  In addition, the Conference’s co-hosts, partners and sponsors will host a variety of special events inside the Convention Center and throughout Raleigh that will provide more learning, networking and inspiring opportunities!  Have a look at some of the special events we have planned for you!

Site Tours Around Raleigh

Special site tours will be offered for Attendees that are interested in viewing some of Raleigh’s best homes and buildings within walking distance or a short drive from the Convention Center.  Have a project that you’d like to show off at the Conference?  Let us know!

Check back here in the weeks leading up to the Conference for more information on available tours.

Host, Partner and Sponsor Meetings

Conference Co-Hosts and many of our Partners and Sponsors will be hosting meetings for members, customers, vendors and other stakeholders during the afternoon and evening of Monday, August 24th and in the evening of Tuesday, August 25th.  

We will post information here on events that are open to all Attendees, but be on the lookout for invitations from the organizations that you work with in the weeks leading up to the Conference!

Job Fair

A Job Fair will be held on the afternoon of Monday, August 24th to connect students and professionals seeking new opportunities to companies that are attending the Conference!

Companies: If you’re looking to hire entry-level or experienced workers, we encourage you to consider participating! 

Students: If you’re looking to meet companies looking to hire, we welcome you to bring your resume and participate!

Professionals: If you’re looking for your next (or first) opportunity in our industry, participating in the Job Fair is a great way to meet companies looking to hire!

Look for more information on the Job Fair to be posted here in the weeks leading up to the Conference.

Opening Reception in the Exhibit Hall

Make plans to attend the official Opening Reception in the Exhibit Hall in the early evening of Monday, August 25th.  Our Exhibit Hall will be setup with food and drinks provided!  Catch up with your industry peers and meet new ones!

And, make plans to attend special events that will be taking place after the Reception throughout downtown and other areas of Raleigh.  Our Co-Hosts, Partners and Sponsors will be hosting special networking events, tours, dinners and more!

Stay tuned for more information!

Tuesday's Lunch Outside!

You’ll LOVE this event!  On Tuesday, skip the routine Conference lunch and instead pick up $15 cash from our Sponsors and head out of the Convention Center into downtown Raleigh to find lunch anywhere you want!  Grab a few new friends or co-workers and find a local restaurant within walking distance.  Enjoy some time away and catch some fresh air to recharge!  

We’re happy to help you meet new friends and see the downtown area, but, make sure you’re back in time for the start of the afternoon sessions!

Welcome to Raleigh Party!

Everyone is encouraged to attend our Welcome to Raleigh Party on the evening of Tuesday, August 25th!  We’re renting out a special location nearby that shows off our host City’s interests in better buildings, economic development and much more!

Use this time to network with your industry peers and enjoy food and drinks courtesy of our Sponsors.  And, like Monday night, we’ll have plenty of evening activities available to keep you entertained while you’re in town!

Just make sure you’re able to join us for breakfast in the Exhibit Hall starting at 8am the next morning!