PHCC of NC Tracks & Sessions

 PHCC of NC is coordinating tracks and sessions focused on plumbing, heating, cooling and much more.  These sessions will be held in the North Hallway.  But, no matter your area of interest, Attendees are welcomed to attend ANY sessions they choose, including those in the South Hallway led by NCBPA!

Make sure to check out additional NCBPA & Partner tracks and sessions and additional “Crossover” sessions being organized by both associations.

Have a look at these tracks and select sessions being offered at the Conference!

 This session will present timely instruction on navigating the world of digital marketing for the benefit of today’s plumbing and mechanical contracting professional.  Strategies, must-know topics, and more will move you beyond “word of mouth” to reach today’s consumer.

This session will involve:

– PA Laws affecting contractors and distributors.

– Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol.

– Replacement R-22 choices and how to install properly.

– Quality of Refrigerants.

– HC Refrigerants (Hydrocarbon Refrigerants.) R-290 (Propane)  R-600a (Isobutane.)

– Introduction to HFO commercial refrigerants.

– Introduction to XL41 the new R-410a replacement coming in 2024.

– Training available from Chemours.

The session will earn the attendee 2 hours of N.A.T.E. credit.

Learn about the most current and innovative control systems for plumbing, heating and cooling products.  After you learn about them, visit the vendors in the Exhibit Hall to get to see them firsthand!

Protect your workers and your business by learning about the most recent OSHA standards that apply to your plumbing, heating, cooling and other projects.

Learn about the latest and greatest product innovations in residential and commercial HVAC.

Learn how to meet and exceed the new plumbing, heating and cooling requirements of North Carolina’s 2018 Building Code.

Learn about the latest and greatest product innovations in residential and commercial plumbing.