The Conference will take place over three days from Monday, August 24th through Wednesday, August 25th.

Find more detailed information on the Agenda below.

Day One includes pre-conference sessions and special workshops, tours, Exhibit Hall setup and more.  Attend any of the events below with a Full Access ticket, including the opening of the Exhibit Hall in the evening, our first official Conference event!

Day Two is packed with educational sessions and a busy Exhibit Hall.  You’ll want to be there early for breakfast and welcome presentations from our Co-Hosts and Sponsors.  Attend sessions and meet with Exhibitors during the day, and have some fun in the evening!

Day Three is just as packed with educational sessions and the Exhibit Hall.  We’ll have lunch there and wrap up the final sessions around 4:30pm.  Make sure to get your time in with our amazing vendors before the Exhibit Hall closes just after lunch!

Most Attendees plan to travel in today to get settled at their place of lodging and attend afternoon and evening events.

Exhibitors are welcomed to setup any time between 9am – 4pm.

Special educational sessions will be held on the first day.  Look for these in the Tracks & Sessions pages.

Special site tours will be offered for Attendees that are interested in viewing some of Raleigh’s best homes and buildings.

Partner and Sponsor organizations are welcomed to host meetings of their members, Boards and vendors on the first day.

Companies looking to hire are encouraged to participate in our Job Fair with students from across the Southeast that are attending the Conference, and others that are in town from local colleges and universities.  Industry professionals seeking a new position are welcomed to participate!  Look for more information on the Special Events page.

Join your peers for the official start of the Conference with a reception in the Exhibit Hall.  Afterward, join your peers for special events around downtown Raleigh!

Enjoy some time with your industry peers out in Raleigh!  Just don’t stay out too late!

Get your day started well with breakfast in the Exhibit Hall.  Meet new people, find a new vendor and hear about all the great work taking place in our industry!

And so it begins… the first group of more than 100 educational sessions to be held during the Conference!

Pick up the $15 cash from our Sponsors and LEAVE the Convention Center to find lunch anywhere you want in downtown Raleigh!  You should have a new friend to go with, and if not, find one!  Just be back in time for the start of the afternoon sessions!

And yes, there’s more!  Attend more educational sessions in the afternoon.  Fill your head with industry knowledge now, so that you can enjoy yourself tonight!

Make plans to attend our Welcome to Raleigh Party at a location nearby.  Don’t miss out on this fun event and many other special events being held around downtown Raleigh!

Check out one, two or more of the many special events planned for the Conference!  Some are on our schedule, others aren’t!

Check out the vendors you haven’t spent time with yet and enjoy breakfast in the Exhibit Hall!

Take your pick from more than 50 educational sessions taking place throughout the day!

Take advantage of your last chance to meet with vendors in the Exhibit Hall!  A box lunch will be provided!

Breakdown will begin around 2:00pm.

Attend the final group of educational sessions held in the afternoon.

The Conference will wrap-up around 4:30pm so that folks can get home safely!